Winter Promise

“While doing some research on the Internet regarding Kindergarten curricula, I came across a review for Winterpromise’s Animals and their Worlds program.  I looked it up because it sounded like something that my 5 year old son would really enjoy.  Because I had never heard of this company, I chose only to purchase the Animal program to give it a try.  I am so thankful that I did.  Because I ordered it a little late, I didn’t receive it until we had already completed 3 weeks of the Kindergarten program that I had chosen.  I had just started thinking that we had completed three weeks of Kindergarten and not done anything fun, like cutting, pasting, coloring, when the Winterpromise material arrived.  When I opened the box, I saw fun!  There were craft books and lots of ideas with instructions, along with beautiful books to read about animals.  I was so thankful for that since I don’t consider myself to be very creative.  We have thoroughly enjoyed using this program.  It gives websites to look up on the Internet to let the children hear the sounds the animals make as well as see more pictures.  It is a literature based program with lots of fun books to read, but I really appreciated that it also included very fun and educational activities to do, that I did not have to come up with on my own.  I am choosing to use the Children Around the World, language arts, and science programs from Winterpromise next year for first grade.  While the company is Christian based with a wonderful statement of beliefs on their website, they do not carry a Bible program.  So, I will be choosing my Bible program from another company.  We are very excited about the Children Around the World program.  According to the catalog, we will study a different country each week, and the program comes with ideas for having a celebration in our home according to the culture of that country.  This includes recipes, games, and decorating ideas.  We will also take a break from individual country study at Christmas to learn about how Christmas is celebrated around the world.  In summary, my opinion of this material is that it contains all of the educational information found in the other literature based programs, but it also includes the idea books and instructions for creative activities to make memories with your children.” – Joie L.