Sharpening Your Writing Skills

Whether you intend to be a full time mom, professional athlete, or a janitor, whether you are young or old, there is no time like the present to sharpen your writing skills!  Here are a few tips to help you get started.

1) Increase your vocabulary by reading often. Choose a variety of sources—fiction and non-fiction, news and comics, recipes and magazine articles, poetry and plays—to read from frequently.  This will strengthen your vocabulary and writing style.  Read daily.  Parents can instill a love for reading in their children by allowing them to see Mom and Dad reading for   enjoyment as well as reading as a source of finding information.

2) Write in a variety of ways. Your writing will improve by writing.  Write letters, e-mails, poetry, stories, and plays.  Pick a favorite movie or book and write a new ending for it or a “part two.”  Enter essay contests – many such contests can be found online and some even offer scholarships, savings bonds, or cash prizes.

3) Don’t be afraid to brainstorm, edit, and rewrite! Think about many ideas and write them down as fast as you can (or type it on your computer).  Don’t worry about grammatical or spelling errors.  Don’t worry about having complete sentences or a good intro and conclusion.  After you have put your thoughts on paper, then go back and edit.  Add, delete, proofread, and polish.  Have a friend, parent, or teacher proofread it as well.  If you are using a computer, don’t forget to run spell/grammar checkers.  They can’t find everything though, so print it out and hunt for things that need to be fixed.  After you have all your ideas down, make sure you create an attention grabbing introduction and an interesting ending.  Your ending should be dynamic, clever, or witty.

Writing well takes practice.  Communicating well in writing will advance you in your classes, your future career, and in your relationships.


Does your child or student need assistance with writing? Here is the link to a free, downloadable, printable guidebook with 24 pre-writing tools/graphic organizers from

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