Supplementing in National Schools–A Reversal

If you are supplementing your child’s education,

You Are Not Alone

According to Kauchak and Eggen in their book Introduction to Teaching (2005), a survey was taken in the US in the mid-80’s comparing Chinese, Japanese, and American child-rearing practices.  The survey showed that over 95% of native Chinese and Japanese 5th graders had desks at home to do their school work (compared to only 63% of the American sample). Fifty-seven percent of Chinese and Japanese parents supplemented their child’s class work with math workbooks they used at home (compared to only 28% of American parents).  Likewise, 59% of Chinese parents also supplemented in the area of science (compared to only 1%).

So, if you have kids attending local schools and you are finding yourselves supplementing their education at home, then you are joining those of other nationalities who live in the US and supplement their child’s public education as well.  An interesting reversal….

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