Helping Children in National Schools Learn English

1.  Language Arts Scopes and Sequences available online:

Grade K-8th

Grades K-12th

Virginia Standards of Learning by Grade Level and Subject—

Detailed Grade 4 Language Arts Scope and Sequence—

Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills for Language Arts and Reading—

2.  Websites for helping your child get up to speed in English:

Pre-K to Grade 2–

K-12—Language Arts’ Worksheets–

K-12 Online Lang. Arts’ Games–

English Grammar–

English Worksheets and Activities–

Parts of Speech and Verb Tenses–

Free Software for Learning to Read–

Learn to Read with Arthur–

Learn to Read (Montessori)–

Learn to Read (Literacy Center)–

Strategies to Help Kids who Struggle with Reading–

Does your student attend a National School?

Are you concerned about helping your child learn English?

Do you have limited time for helping your child learn English?

Are your kids tired of school and need a fun approach for after school or summer school English?

Would your kids have access to a computer and internet for the summer?

If the above questions receive a resounding “yes” from you, then you may want to consider an online tutorial program.  There are many programs out there and I have not checked out very many, but here is one you may want to explore further.

Online Summer School Program
An Online Program for Home Summer Study

“It’s Time 4 Learning. And Fun!”

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