Letter of Inquiry to a College

Your nameschool, university, campus, college campus

Your address

Date (Month-Day-Year)

Director of Admissions

Name of College


City, State, Zip


Dear Sir or Madam:

I am a student at___________________ school in ____________.

I expect to graduate in _________(year).

I am interested in your college and would appreciate receiving a packet of information and application for admission.

I would also be grateful for all information about financial aid including scholarships, work-study programs, etc.

I am specifically interested in the areas of __________________.

(i.e. music, medicine, education, etc.)

Thank you.


your signature

your full name typed

Hints:  If either of your parents are alumni, mention this.  They may have scholarships available for children of alumni.

Always make copies of everything you send in the mail.  Date them.  Keep them in a marked file.college, application, Education, HomeschoolYou can vote once every 24 hours just by clicking the image . . . and make The Education Cafe number one! Thanks!


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Gifted by Grace

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