Links on Adolescence, Puberty, and Growth Spurts–

Adolescent Growth and Development

This is an interesting article on the physical, cognitive, and psycho-social development of teens. It offers some good suggestion to parents and teachers for helping and encouraging teens during the development of each of these phases.  It answers questions such as why teens say things like: “My life is ruined!” or “You just don’t understand!”  This is a very good article for parents of teens.

Growth and Your 13-18 Year Old

This article is written for parents of boys and girls concerning their teenage growth and development.

Puberty in Boys

This article is written in an easy-to-understand fashion.  Boys who are entering adolescence can read it quickly and easily as they seek to understand changes that they are beginning to face.  It discusses hair growth, body changes, acne, body odor, and a little about the development of male parts.  There is no discussion of girls’ development in this article, so that makes it even better for young guys to read (after their parents have read it, of course).

Puberty in Girls

This article is written in the same fashion as the one above, but is directed to girls entering puberty.  It discusses menstruation, acne, body odor, bodily changes, etc.  Good article for girls to read (after read by a parent).


Boys Under Attack

Please check this site out before recommending it to your teenage boys.  This site was written from a Biblical perspective and has some quotes from Dr. Dobson and other good sources.  However, your personal family views may differ from the creator of this web site.  This is at least a great site for parents of teenage boys to consider the issues at hand.


True Love Waits

This is the official LifeWay website devoted to abstinence. is a non-profit organization, which exists to bring awareness, openness, accountability, and recovery to the church, society, and individuals in the issues of pornography and to begin to provide solutions through non-judgmental and creative means.  You can install the FREE software from this site onto your computer or your teenagers’ computers to help with online integrity. Whenever your accountability partner (or teenager) browses the Internet and accesses a site, which may contain questionable material, the program will save the site name on their computer. You will receive e-mail every 2 weeks containing all possible questionable sites they may have visited. This information is meant to encourage an open and honest conversation between friends and help us all be more accountable.


See also: Are You Taking Care of Their Hearts? Tips from the American Heart Association


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