Dads Winning the Hearts of Kids

Formerly “Advice for Dads.”

A Steve Demme workshop summarized by James S

Education is more about life preparation than academics. In light of that, as dads, we need to consider the following:  Do our kids know our expectations and do we clearly communicate them? Are we leading our family in devotions? How are we fighting the battle against temptation? Do we set an example to be followed in our family? Do we read the Word daily? Do we fellowship? Do we demonstrate a teachable spirit?  Do we honor our father and mother?  Are we doers of the Word?

Steve offered 7 ways to Win the Hearts of our Kids:

1-Ask God to Do It.  Pray for this.

2-Invest time in our kids, take time to play together.

3-Discipline them.   Hebrews 12:6,7  Example- Steve mentioned how a good coach is tough with his team but they love him for it.

4-Be real with them.  Let them know who you really are and share your own struggle and victories with them.

5-Ask forgiveness.  When you do wrong admit it and ask their forgiveness.

6-Generational awareness- be aware of generational tendencies in your family and pray for your kids not to fall in the same traps. Also be aware of things that are new to your kids generation and pray for them regarding those.

7-Keep getting Up!  Proverb 24:16–We will fall, we will make mistakes, we will sin. We need to keep getting up and going to God. Set the example as over-comers in Christ.

“Dad, don’t worry that your children never listen to you, worry that they are always watching you!”


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