ACE stands for Accelerated Christian Education, and they have been in existence for 35 years.  You can explore their curriculum on their website:


Educational specialist, Linda P, has the following advice regarding the use of ACE:

“This would be an appropriate curriculum for some families in certain situations.  It is a programmed approach to learning where the child takes a test that determines skill level and which workbook the child should begin.  It is a workbook approach so it is highly bent towards the visually preferenced learner. It prides itself on needing little parental involvement so it may be a good option for a parent who is having a tough year, for whatever reason, illness, pregnancy, etc.  It is not comparable, in my opinion, to the traditional approach in content and skill development.  I personally, might use it for a tough year, but would not want to use it as a long term curriculum base. It also can lend itself to a family choosing to do one subject area such as social sciences and not have to use the entire curriculum for the skill building areas of language arts and math. I would say it is still fairly “black and white”, meaning that the early grades do have some color but the pictures are cartoon-type pictures.”

For other pros and cons regarding the use of this curriculum in a home school environment, check out what these parents had to say: