Mixing and Matching Curriculum

By: Jessica C

We have been generally very pleased with using Sonlight curriculum & Singapore Math (which Sonlight offers).  However, as I read on the Sonlight online forums, I learned that many parents have problems with the ancient history presented in some of the “spine” resources for the early world history cores (SOTW & CHOW), and that many also dislike the cartoony, random presentations of the Usborne books in those same cores.

We decided to use The Mystery of History (Volumes 1 & 2, and part of 3) for our core “spine” for those 2 years instead of using the core that Sonlight recommends.  Not only does MOH provide an integrated presentation of both biblical history & world history (placing, for example, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego alongside historic contemporaries such as Buddha & The temple of Diana in Ephesus), but it also tells it in an interactive story format, easily accessible for students ages 7-12. This has been a good solution for us, and we quite enjoy the MOH along with the normal Sonlight curriculum.

3 thoughts on “Mixing and Matching Curriculum

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