Passport to Purity

By: A parent living in Central Asia

“I would recommend Passport 2 Purity by Dennis and Barbara Rainey of Family Life Ministries. The past two years some of us have taken our daughters on a weekend retreat using this program which includes talks on CDs, projects, audio dramas, discussion questions and built in free time to enjoy being with your preteen. It’s designed to be a weekend away as a mother-daughter or father-son, but we’ve done it in small groups of mothers-daughters. My husband also did it one on one with our son. There are some separate messages for boys v. girls.

We’ve been very happy with the quality of this program, having done it with two of our children (one boy and one girl). It’s particularly good in that it causes them to think about preserving not just their virginity for marriage, but also their purity and innocence. It has sections on peer pressure, sexual maturity: what changes to expect and The Talk, making up your mind in advance where you will draw the line in physical contact to stay as far from going over the edge as possible, signing a “wait to date” contract until your parents feel you are ready to date and allowing parents to meet and talk with prospective dates.

There are also memory verses in catchy songs that help provide the Biblical rationale for remaining pure. The recommended age is 5th or 6th grade before the teen years. I’m so glad we did it when our son was 12 last year as this year his peers are hormone-crazed. I wish all of his peers had also been through a program like this with their parents. Just last weekend I had the opportunity to go through the program with my 11 year old daughter.

I feel much better about her entering the hormone-crazed years better prepared with a good foundation and having established an open door of communication for continued dialog as things come up. This program (books/CDs) is around $27 on or can be ordered directly from  If you already have the CDs or have access to them, you can order replacement parents’ and kids’ books without ordering the whole program.”

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