Train Up A Child

Steve Demme, author and founder of Math-U-See,pastor, and also father of four boys (one with special needs), presented a workshop at an AERC education conference in January 2005.  He quite humorously said that there are no ideal parents—that all families are dysfunctional.  He encourages parents by saying that those who don’t have educational backgrounds don’t have to “unlearn” as much in order to teach their children.  He emphasizes that we are raising kids to live forever, not for this life.  With this in mind we must remember that good things take effort; relationships take effort.  When Scripture admonishes, “Parents train up your child,” God is saying that education is a joint responsibility.  God made fathers to be priest, provider, and protector.  He further delineated what this meant and then said:  Dad, don’t worry that your children never listen to you, worry that they are always watching you!

Steve admonishes us to always remember, “You can do more than you think you can.”  And, he encourages us to use everything within us to make God known.  He quoted Dobson as saying that the best time for a person to be reached with the gospel is when they are children; therefore, mothers need to realize that this is the critical time for them.  Raising them should be a mother’s primary responsibility; when they are older, God will open up other opportunities.  To listen to his message on the family that stays together and other messages by Steve, click here:   and  check out his math site here: .

Also, check out the article on this site titled: Advice for Dads.

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