Class Rules

1.  You will obey God and your parents.

  1. You will not lie.
  2. You will not take anything that someone else is using or belongs to them.
  3. You will not use crude, rude, or offensive language.

2. You must show respect to me and obey me.

  1. You may not call me names of any kind (i.e. silly, stupid, dumb; nor anything rude, unkind, unpleasant, funny-to-you, etc.).
  2. You must treat me as the final authority during class time.  If I have given you instructions or answers or grades or conduct marks, you must accept them.  If you need extra help with something or wish to discuss something with me, and/or your parents, you may do so after school or during your break.
  3. If I have mispronounced a word, you may politely say, “The correct way to say that word is…”

3. You must treat each other with respect and kindness.

  1. No rude, hurtful, unkind words.
  2. No hurtful deeds.
  3. No violent acts (slapping, pinching, hitting, punching, tripping, door slamming, poking, etc.

4. Our class must be quiet and orderly at all times.

  1. If you wish to speak to me you may raise your hand and remain quiet until I recognize you.  If I am very busy you may quietly and politely call my name.  If I can not come immediately you must continue with something else until I can come.
  2. You may not disturb others, nor walk around.
  3. You must stay seated properly in your chair, unless you have my permission to get up.
  4. When you read to me, you must read quietly, and when you are reading to yourself you must do it in your head, not out loud.
  5. You may not whistle nor make other disturbing noises during class.
  6. You may not speak at the same time someone else is speaking.
  7. You may not whine, complain, fuss, argue, nor throw a fit during class.

(If you cry during class, you will be asked to leave, wash your face, and pull yourself back together.  You will return quickly and ready to work.  You will not receive a mark for tears. But arguing and whining do deserve marks).

4. You may not decide if someone needs a conduct mark.

  1. You will not tell me when someone needs one, nor argue with me when I have given you a mark.
  2. If you wish to discuss it with me, and/or your parents, you will need to do so after school.

5. You will not waste class time.

  1. You will be in your seat on time for your first class.
  2. You will come quickly at the end of break when I call you.
  3. You will try to use the bathroom at break time unless you are sick, and you will return quickly when you go.
  4. You will sharpen two pencils during each break time.  If you are allowed to get up during class time to sharpen a pencil or go to the bathroom, you will do so quickly and very quietly.

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