Speech Resources

Teach Me How to Say It Right by: Dorothy P. Dougherty

This is a book that helps parents help their children who have speech/articulation problems. The author helps parents understand which speech errors are normal for a particular child’s age or development. She also provides exercises you can do with your child to help correct speech errors. This book offers more than fifty language games, as well as tips to know when and if professional help is needed. This book is geared to parents of newborn to eight year olds. If you have a 5-8 year old with speech problems (who has not been seen by a speech therapist), I would at least recommend that you try to get a copy of this book to consider whether or not there are things you can do to help or whether or not you should see a professional.  You will become familiar with what are normal articulation errors and what are not. Speech and articulation errors can lead to reading and spelling problems. This book is available used for around $6.

Baby Babble and Baby Babble 2 by: Talking Child

I recently checked out these two speech-enhancing videos created by speech pathologists. They are designed for 3 months to 2 ½ years and 6 months to 3 year olds. I was curious to whether or not they would provide any helps for older children with speech problems. Though they are definitely geared to younger children, I think that even many 4-6 year old children would enjoy watching and mimicking the games played by the speech pathologists in these videos.

Brainy Baby English by: The Brainy Baby Company

This video was created for 1-5 year olds. It is mostly about the introduction of first words, phrases, colors, numbers, objects, but it also incorporates many important speech sounds in a fun format. This DVD and the ones above can be purchased new for around $2-6 from many online vendors.

Read an article on this blog about Speech Development.


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