Raise A Bilingual Child: 5 Strategies to Jump Start Second Language Learning For Your Child

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Here is a brief summary:

Five key strategies for jump starting the second language learning of your child:

1) Start the second language learning early. Play music CDs during pregnancy and talk to your baby from the moment of birth in two or more languages if possible.

2) Look for a bilingual language learning series that provides you and your child with the following four components: visual cues, music fun, beginning reading  and verbal exchange.

3) Repeat, repeat, repeat!!! Repetition is the key for all the learning that takes place with your child. T

4) Have fun and be patient! Try to never force the new language learning on your child.

5) Show your child that you respect other cultures and value the ability to speak other languages.

Author Bio
Beth Butler is the creator of the BOCA BETH Language Learning Series for young children ages birth – ten.

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