When the Last Leaf Falls

by Bill Myers

(A book review by Jake Ryan, age 13.)

When the last leaf on that tree falls, I’ll be dead.”  These are the angered words of Ally Newcombe, the strong-willed teenage daughter of Paul Newcombe, the pastor who thinks he has all the answers.  As Ally must go through life-threatening bone cancer, the entire family suffers with her…until they experience a powerful taste of God’s greatest gift to mankind.  This is truly an entrancing story of God’s love for His children.

One tattered leaf holds the hopes of the entire Newcombe family.  One tattered leaf that ever clings to its branch is the symbol of Ally’s life to the entire family, but how long can one, browned leaf hold on?  Going through rigorous surgery and chemotherapy, Ally’s already tattered life digresses constantly.

Even more mysterious, though, is Grandpa Newcombe.  Though something seems to bother him, he is tireless in his efforts to pull the family together, as the reader finds out, and will do literally everything in his power to keep up Ally’s hope.  What about the leaf?  Ally sees it every day of her being home, but no one else can see it from outside.  That and many other ordeals weave this story into a twist of love and mystery.

In this modern-day, Christian depiction of O’Henry’s The Last Leaf, one can gather how much God loves us, and also learn to keep hope alive.  It is truly an unforgettable love story for all ages.


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Read O’Henry’s The Last Leaf.

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