Fostering Spiritual Growth

By:  Suzette H.

By Talking about God/spiritual things or praying…

1. Throughout the day (“You are very creative!  Remember we read in the Bible that God created everything in 6 days and then rested?…Do you remember what we learned about God?…yes, God is creative and He made us to be creative too!  We are made in His image.  Isn’t that awesome?” “Praise God! Guess what just happened?” etc.).

2.  As circumstances arise (“Let’s pray for that ambulance we just heard – the sick person inside and for the workers,” “Aren’t those flowers pretty?  God made beautiful things for us to see and enjoy.  Isn’t God good?” In response to their questions:” Your teacher doesn’t pray before lunch because she doesn’t know Jesus and she doesn’t know to stop and thank Him – let’s pray for your teacher to know that Jesus loves her and died for her sins.” “I bet that makes God happy!” “Let’s pray and ask God to help us find your…”)

3. During discipline (“God doesn’t want us to____God wants us to be kind to each other.” “Let’s pray and ask God to forgive you for disobeying and ask Him to help you to obey” – during prayer reiterating that God still loves us even when we do wrong things and He forgives us when we ask)

4. Each night before bed we read a Bible story, talk about what we learn from it (what does that tell us about God?) and sing praise songs and hymns; then we pray before sleep.

5.  In our house-church time, my husband is teaching the boys through the OT using the curriculum He Established a Testimony (consists of 64 OT chronologically arranged story references and key themes found in each story.  The intent is to acquaint young children with a big picture of God and to build a foundation of Bible doctrine for them…see: – look in Resources then Preschool curriculum).

6.  We try to do a craft during the week that ties in to the lesson from Sunday – that doesn’t always happen each week, mind you.  I’m not superwoman! Ha.  But we try.

7.  They are also memorizing scripture – my husband reviews it with them each night after Bible Story time – the curriculum has scripture memory cards that go along with the lessons.

8. Play Children’s Praise music during the day (We have a good variety.  I recommend “The Donut Man” songs, videos too – they are GREAT! Listen to them at: )

9. Watch Christian children’s videos/DVDs (Veggie Tales, BibleMan, The Donut Man etc.).


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