Committing ones plans to the Lord does not mean that you will instantly be great at everything and have the time for everything, but it definitely helps me learn what to say yes to and whatpraying, prayer, woman praying to say no to. And, at the end of the day, if I’ve given the day to Him and trusted Him to guide me, I can be a peace.

Sometimes I’m a terrific wife, meeting all of my husband’s needs.

Sometimes I’m a terrific mother, baking cookies, playing games.

Sometimes I’m a terrific daughter, writing letters, keeping up;

Sometimes I’m a terrific friend, spending time, making memories;

Sometimes I’m a terrific co-worker, helping out, filling in;

Sometimes I’m a terrific chef, cooking gourmet meals each day;

Sometimes I’m a terrific maid, everything clean, nothing misplaced;

Sometimes I’m a terrific teacher, teaching my children, raising ’em right;

Sometimes I’m a terrific writer, experiencing the moment, journaling the event.

BUT anytime I’m terrific at one, the others all fall short. Why?

Herein the problem lies:

Sometimes I’m a terrific child of God committing all my plans to the Father!

By Delana H. Stewart (c) 1999

reading Bible, praying, quiet time, pond, cross, fountain, woman reading

Proverbs 16:3–[b]Commit your works to the Lord And your plans will be established.

Note: In his book The Key to Triumphant Living Jack Taylor said: “Jesus is alive in me today to be in me all that I need to be and all that the Father requires me to be.”  He also said, “Lord, this is your body. You possess it and fill it and run around in it today in full control minding your own business through it.”


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