Within These Walls

statue in window, statue looking up, girl guy cat statue, balcony statue, old city wall, Baku statue,  statue of children

Within These Walls Lie…

little hands, making, baking, creating, learning to serve God;

sparkling eyes, peering, searching, longing for truth;

tiny ears, listening, hearing, recording every spoken word, waiting to hear the Master’s voice;

soft lips, eagerly telling what they hear and know, singing, laughing, praising God;

impressionable hearts, loving caring, trusting, believing;

small feet, running, jumping, being prepared to spread the good news about Jesus.

If within these walls you mainly notice the clutter of toys, the undone chores, the dust, then you don’t see everything I see

…within these walls.

Delana H Stewart (c) 1995

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