Seventh Grade Basics

Here is some information that I found on the web that could be very helpful as you look at what your child is learning and needs to learn.  I am including the link and some of the information from the actual site. For more information, click on the corresponding links.

“Language Arts will help prepare your students for the rigors of middle school and class changes by enabling them to read from different texts in different classrooms. Often times schools use an eclectic mix of textbooks from different publishers, which read quite differently from each other. Your student should be able to understand and read proficiently from all assigned materials. Students should be able to write papers that are more than one page in length utilizing proper grammar and spelling. Increased skills in oral communications should be evident. Students may begin to learn a Foreign Language this year.

Through History and Geography, students will learn a lot of information including important facts about the World War 1 and World War 2, and the emergence of America as a superpower. There will be a large focus on learning about the agricultural, industrial, economic, political and social evolution of your home state.

Math will focus on geometry and pre-algebra with an emphasis on statistical analysis and working with different forms of data.

Through Science, your student will be able to conduct scientific experiments using various means to come to a workable conclusion. Students will learn about genetics, atomic structure including the famous periodic table of the elements, and the history of the earth and solar system. Interestingly their understanding of the planets of the solar system will be different then when we were in school. Last week scientists added three more planets to the list, and just today decided that Pluto in not a planet after all!” – Valerie Nelson

This author also mentions the importance of this transition year and the budding interpersonal or social skills. Click on the link above the article for information the author provides regarding Music and Art.

1: In language arts, your child will become a more sophisticated reader through:

Correct Answer: Studying significant works of world literature.  AND
Analyzing plots, themes, characters, and language

2: In mathematics, your child will learn to understand:

Correct Answer: Scientific notation, powers, and roots.

3: In science, your child will be:

Correct Answer: Focusing on understanding such concepts as atomic structure, genetics, and weather in greater depth.

4: In social studies, your child will be studying:

Correct Answer: World or United States history.

5: In seventh grade, your child is likely to have separate classes in such subjects as:

Correct Answer: Art, music, home economics, shop, and keyboarding.  AND
Mathematics, language arts, science, and social studies.

The learning pace increases in seventh grade because kids are asked to handle a more challenging curriculum and do independent projects in many of their subjects. The curriculum also broadens beyond language arts, math, social studies, and science. Your child will have daily classes in such areas as foreign language, art, music, health, home economics, shop, keyboarding, and physical education. Find out what else your child will learn this year.

  • Write papers that are mechanically correct and more than one page in length.
  • Express herself orally in a clear and organized way.
  • Understand medieval and early modern times in world history and/or the emergence of the United States as a world power.
  • Understand angles and symmetry and construct various three-dimensional objects, plane figures, parallel lines, and circles.
  • Handle statistics (mean, median, mode) and determine the probability of events.
  • Solve simple equations containing a variable.
  • Understand in greater depth the concepts of atomic structure, chemical bonds and reactions, genetics, and weather.
  • Conduct scientific experiments using dependent and independent variables.
  • Appreciate art and music and acquire basic skills in these areas.

Virginia Standard of Learning 7th Grade—practice tests and much more

Texas Assessments—online practice

Excellent Seventh Grade Overview

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