Thinking about a gap year?

Here are five main categories of gap year programs: 1) Clearly Christian, 2) Community Service based, 3) For College Credit, 4) For Work, and 5) High Adventure

I have had no personal experience in this area, but I hope in the future to add testimonies from students who have taken a gap year.  Here are programs I have heard about or read about…



Impact 360

Founded by: John and Trudy Cathy White in 2003

Purpose: “To facilitate the development of godly women and men shaped by a passionate walk and authentic personal relationship with Jesus Christ.”

“To mobilize students to break the cycle of spiritual poverty throughout the world.”

Year for God

Listings and Links to numerous gap year opportunities with Christian organizations


YFCP gap year teams:


AFS Intercultural Programs

Rustic Pathways Program 2

Transitions Abroad



Leap Now

Education First (language schools)


Gap Year Jobs

Gap Year Jobs Abroad



Rustic Pathways Program 1

First Gap Year


Xtreme Gap

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