Online Textbooks for Middle School and High School

US History “An interactive, multimedia history of the textbooks, booksUnited States from the Revolution to the present.” [As of 9/30/2010–most of the links on the digital history site are accessible for free.]

Pre-Algebra [Note: As of 9/30/2010 this link is a free online Pre-Algebra text.]

Note: The classzone online books are NOT free.

Algebra 1

This is a complete online Algebra 1 textbook. You click by chapter and by subtitle.

Algebra 2

Middle School Science Texts

Middle School Language Arts and Literature Texts

Middle School History and Culture

*Note: The classzone examples are using Virginia texts, but this site also lets you search by state (as well as offering high school texts):

You may also be interested in this article on online high schools:


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