Room 108 Review: Educational Games, puzzles, worksheets, and more

A Website review by Delana H.

Room 108 is a great resource for home educators (and those looking to supplement their children’s schooling). It is especially designed for kids in primary grades. It includes games for many subject areas, as well as worksheets and other resources.  They do offer more things for a subscription price, but so much is available for free.  Here are some specific links to subjects and resources that Room 108 provides:



This link connects you to animated story books, sight word stories (based on Dolch sight words), stories with morals, the animated children’s Bible and more. I have not read through the individual stories yet, so please read them before introducing them to your kids (to make sure they are appropriate for your child).



This site boasts free online lessons, play along piano music, note naming worksheets, flashcards, ABC Karaoke, Christian praise songs, sheet music, and more.

Social Studies:


This site includes games that help children learn compass directions, building a community, jobs, USA Map and Capitals, Canada, pet responsibility, countries of the world, traffic, and more.



Do your kids learn better with games to reinforce what they are learning? This site offers games with topics like additions, subtractions, time, calendar, money, graphing, geometry, measuring, fractions, multiplication, division, calculators, counting and more. It also includes a link for math worksheets.



This site includes games that teach about seasons, temperature, the human skeleton, organs, body parts, asteroids, magnets, the solar system, animals, weather, and properties.


Here are some games and activities concerning the alphabet, pen pals, sight words, writing, typing, phonics, spelling, crosswords, hangman, grammar, brain gym, graphic organizers, and more. The brain gymnastics links says that it helps kids work out the left and right sides of the brain and is useful for helping kids with dyslexia.  Brain Gymnastics– .


Free Stuff for Teachers:


Do you need some thematic lined paper for encouraging handwriting or story writing? What about dolch word game books, calendar sheets, clocks, and more? Check it out.