Spelling Practice Games–updated

Website Review by Delana S

Growing up I loved getting the scholastic leaflet from my school and reading about the new books and games coming out. When my boys were small, I used scholastic phonics readers to help them learn to read. Scholastic.com is a great site with much to offer, but my main reason for posting it today is a great spelling opportunity. Kids or parents can input 10 spelling words and play two cool games with their words to help them learn the words in a fun way.  Check it out!


My daughter and I discovered two more fantastic sites for practicing your spelling words. On SpellingCity.com your student types in her spelling list and then gets to choose from a dozen different games to practice and learn the list. Then, she can take a practice test.

The other site we discovered is not only a fun way to play with your spelling words, but is also a neat way to send a note to friends and family. It is called GeoGreeting.

Check them out!