The Lukeion Project

A School Review by Elizabeth G.

“Dust-free antiquity” is not just a catchy trademark for students learning their Greek and Roman history at The Lukeion Project.  Regan and Amy Barr are home educators who spent 10 years traveling, researching, and excavating in the Mediterranean region.  They have advanced degrees in Classics, New Testament, Latin, and Classical Archaeology.

Their teaching experiences include University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati Christian University, Miami University (Oxford, OH), The Ohio State University, Cincinnati Art Museum Lecture Series, the North American Christian Convention, the Institute for Learning in Retirement, and speaking at homeschool conferences.  Their work experience includes excavations on the island of Crete, Jordan, Greece and Turkey.

Besides the online classroom experience, students also have access to a class web page that includes review games and activities, as well as diagnostic quizzes and exams. Auditing is available for younger students and adults who do not wish to take on the full workload.  Sibling discounts are available for those families who have multiple students occupying a single seat in the classroom.  They also take yearly family tours.  In May of 2010 they are taking families on a tour of Turkey and going to some of their excavation sites where they have worked.

Their classes are not accredited but they are looking into that possibility.  They are believers and love working with overseas’ families.  We have been blessed by their family.

They offer these 16-week semester courses (high school level):

  • Latin 1, 2, 3, 4
  • Greek 1, 2, 3
  • Mythology Alpha and Beta (ancient literature)
  • Greek History
  • Roman History
  • Greek and Latin Word Roots

They offer these 4-week workshops (ages 10 and up):

  • Alexander the Great
  • Ancient Jerusalem
  • Paul’s Journeys
  • Archeology and Apologetics
  • Greek Tragedy
  • Greek Warfare
  • Theater of War
  • Iliad & Odyssey
  • Troy
  • Julius Caesar
  • Antony and Cleopatra
  • Meet the Greeks
  • Meet the Romans
  • Caesar Augustus
  • Roman Warfare
  • Crucifixion Week
  • Imperial Murder Mystery
  • Virgil’s Aeneid
  • Ovid’s Metamorphoses
  • Ancient Mystery Religions
  • Archaeology of Destroyed Cities
  • Introduction to Archaeology
  • Greek Art and Sculpture
  • Greek Architecture and Engineering

4 thoughts on “The Lukeion Project

  1. I wish I could say that I am thoroughly pleased with my decision to enroll my child in the Lukeion Project’s Witty Wordsmith (Greek and Latin Word Roots) class this fall. However, it has been a major disappointment. The class is currently in week 8 of 16. Class is held on Thursday afternoons with weekly homework being due every Tuesday. This sounds reasonable but only the first three weeks of homework have been graded and returned at this point. A quiz is given every other week. Only the first two quizzes have been graded and returned so far, the last quiz was due nearly two weeks ago. I find Mr. Barr to be very condescending to the students. The first class started with him repeating nearly everything that was covered in the mandatory orientation. The second week was spent with him repeating nearly half of everything in the orientation. I feel that he wastes valuable class time each week admonishing students for not using “real words” when completing their homework. In my opinion, this is something that he should discuss directly with the parents of the students who are having this issue. Almost every class ends with him having to “hurry up because we’re running out to time” and leaving part of the lesson not completed.

    • Thank you for the time you took to offer this feedback. I realize that time changes what people experience . . . and that everyone doesn’t experience the same thing. I am always happy to see parents share their experiences on here!

      • You’re welcome. It’s great to have a place to share experiences and look for advice from others.

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