School Specialty Intervention and Pioneer Valley Books

I just knew my son needed practice, repetition, and more practice using his reading strategies…especially as he was just beginning to read.  My teacher friend who works with Reading Recovery students recommended these books from School Specialty Intervention (formerly Educational Publishing Services) and Pioneer Valley, not just for struggling beginning readers but for any child.  This year, I ordered from these companies again because I could give my child books to read that were at his instructional level-giving him the right amount of challenge, and not too overwhelming.  I lacked appropriate books that would develop reading strategies.  In many beginner books, I found the pictures often didn’t support the text (the text was silly and made no sense at all), or the sentence structure and vocabulary was too complex when my child still hadn’t had many sight words under his belt. In these books, the pictures support the text, and there are simple, patterned, as well as more complex sentence structures (by varying degrees depending on level of book). And the books are fun and interesting too! My son is always asking me for another new book. There are books at all levels from emergent to independent (and higher), as well beginner chapter books and nonfiction books. You can read most of the books on their websites before ordering. I would recommend these to anyone looking for appropriate books for his/her child at their individual reading level.–Denise