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What’s New in Technological Learning 2010?

March 2010 edition

By: Linda P

Technology is here to stay.  Being “technologically proficient and literate” has become an essential academic and life skill for our students.  Mobile learning is on the rise where the “classroom” happens 24/7 via the iphone , smartphone, or ipad.  Google acknowledges more than 9,000 educational apps and there will be hundreds more by this time next month. Here is the first addition of what I hope to be a biannual report to help homeschooling families incorporate technology in the classroom.


  • Thinkwell delivers pre-algebra thru calculus curriculum via the  internet or CD and companion workbook.  Internet is $125.00 and states it has all that is needed.  The CD and Workbook package runs about $60.00.
  • Quarter Mile Math offers math practice software to boost mental math skills in a fun and engaging way where students compete against themselves.  Deluxe and Standard packages ranging around $39.00
  • Descartes Cove Math Series from the John Hopkins University Center for Talented Youth, follows the National Council of Teachers Standards for Problem Solving in Math for grades 6-8. Practice math to construct means of transportation to escape from their island. Much adventure along the way; motivates and keeps students engaged.

6 CDs and teacher’s guide for around $120.00.

  • Let’s Go Learn’s, Diagnostic Online Math Assessment (DOMA), gives you immediate, comprehensive feedback on your child’s math knowledge, with recommendations to help you guide your child’s progress.
    With Let’s Go Learn’s Unique Math, you begin with a DOMA assessment (included in the price) and automatically transition into online, self-paced lessons that are tailored to your child based on the assessment. $15.00 for assessment.  About $30.00 additional for lessons.
  • Destination Math -Finally! Saxon Math now has an online companion – Destination Math, from Houghton Mifllin – the publisher of both Saxon Homeschool Math and Destination Math. Homeschoolers can easily go from text to online and back again as needed in order to give their student an optimal, multi-media learning experience. About $59.00 per year subscription.

Language Arts:

General Curriculum

ETAP – Online Curriculum for K-12.  If you are looking for an affordable, easy-to-use K-12 curriculum for the entire family, eTAP may be the program for you. eTAP gives you K-12 Math, English, Science, and History, as well as SAT/GED/ASVAB test preparation, all on a single easy-to-use plan. Each subject includes grades K-12, so a single subscription is good for the entire family.  Around $300.00 per family if ordered through homeschoolbuyerscoop.

  • Plato Learning through Kentucky Virtual Campus. Comprehensive Curriculum for all grades via on-line learning.  Around $300.00 per family when ordered through homeschoolbuyerscoop.  Only one student in the family, at a time, may log on.
    • The Renzulli Learning System is an online, interactive system that puts students in touch with engaging, individualized resources specially chosen for their interest areas and learning styles. It is  based on VA state standards. Their research discovered and validated how individual children learn, and it discovered how to engage any child in a lifetime of learning. Parental/teacher involvement is expected.  $179.00 per 1st student and teacher and $99.00 for additional students.
    • and Verticy Curriculum  from Calvert (accredited) – Full curriculum for students with learning disabilities.  I am still waiting on more info on this opportunity.  Curriculum specialist work with you and your child to assess your child’s learning needs and to customize a program to meet their needs.  Around $1300.00  for complete program with $550.00 additional fee for teacher advisor. Individual Math and Language Arts subjects may be ordered separately at reduced fees.
    • Calvert Homeschool Curriculum (accredited) now offers some on-line features for your homeschooler.  I am still investigating this but this looks like a very good mix of the best of current traditional curriculum with bringing a relevant multi-media experience in the mix.  Curriculum with on-line features seems to run $800.00 to 2,000.00 depending on products used. Individual courses are priced individually.

Other Curriculum Subjects

  • Meet the Masters Art Curriculum. Meet The Masters uses a 3-step learning approach: Art History – This interactive step contains audio clips of the master artist’s themselves, period music, and fun review games with Pierre (our friendly French companion), all designed to capture the attention and imagination of home schooled children.  Art Technique – Your students will learn to implement the art principles that correspond with the artist they have just been introduced to with the downloadable Art technique packets. These are available within the program in .pdf format for you to print, as needed. Art Activity – Your students will then move on to use the techniques and styles of the Masters to create their very own masterpieces using our step-by-step instructions. As they progress through the program, the children develop their own unique artist style and art portfolio!  Around $45.00 when ordered through this site.
    • Driver’s Education – Take drivers ed conveniently, online, with a company that has helped over 2.1 million students earn their drivers license. All states, included. Around $50.00 – $150.00 depending on State. offers state-approved drivers ed in all states that certify online drivers education: California, Colorado, Georgia, Minnesota, Nebraska, Nevada, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Virginia. In all other states, offers quality drivers education that teaches teens essential safe-driving information and can provide potential savings on auto insurance.
    • Thinkwell offers online video course electives – the next-generation textbook. Put aside textbooks and learn online from some of the best teachers in the country using Thinkwell’s acclaimed online multimedia instruction! Around $60.00 per elective.
    • Type to Learn 4 –  Makes typing instruction FUN, as well as pedagogically sound. Students become “secret agents” who are tasked with saving the world’s information (hence the extended product name “Type to Learn 4: Agents of Information”). They must start their training immediately to move up the 7 ranks from Recruit to accurate, fast-typing Master Agents.  Around $40.00.
    • PowerspeaK12 online Foreign Language Curriculum (formerly known as Power-Glide) from K12! K12‘s powerspeaK12 offers homeschoolers interactive online foreign language courses that make learning engaging and effective. Course offerings for Grades K-12 available. Designed for kids—NOT adapted or repackaged from adult programs.  About $75.00 per course.
    • BrainWare Safari – BrainWare Safari is online software that has been designed to help children 6-12 develop their cognitive skills in a fun and entertaining video-game format. It is designed to develop 41 cognitive skills critical to learning such as recognizing patterns, memory skills, processing skills, etc. Around $80.00.

Free Homeschool Site: – free curriculum.  Looks like a good source for some great activities, especially in the history and science areas.

*Please note that none of these products are recommended for all situations.  Parents must access information and make the best decision as to curriculum for their child based on their child’s unique learning needs.  As well, this is just a few of many products that are currently being developed or revised.

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