Dealing with the Difficulties of Parenting and Teaching

Here are some articles that were posted last year that might help you as this school year comes to a close and you prepare for the next school year. Whether you are a parent, a teacher, or both, these articles offer insights into dealing with children inside and outside the classroom.

Train Up A Child (Notes from a conference by Steve Demme on parenting)

Healthy Love: Loving Without Overprotecting, Overindulging, or Overcontrolling (an article based on the book Loving Your Child Too Much dealing with topics such as discipline, strong-willed kids, temper tantrums, and parental approaches to child-raising)

Developing Boundaries with Kids—The Big Five (an article based on the book—this article covers 5 of the 10 topics addressed in the book; deals with discipline, child raising, responsibility, imparting life lessons)

Tips for Dealing with Strong-Willed Kids and Understanding Strong-Willed Children (Includes notes from a seminar by Dr. Kathy Koch)

A Community of Learners: Valuing Students and Co-workers (this article deals with classroom management, responsibilities of students and teachers, getting along).


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