Each Little Bird that Sings

by Deborah Wiles

Review by: Raquel 8th grade

From the author of the award-winning book, Love, Ruby Lavender, comes a beautiful story of hope, sadness and a whole lot of sweet tea!  The story begins with a death in Comfort Snowberger’s family.  They all gather together.  They call friends and relatives.  But they do not call the funeral home.  Comfort’s family is the funeral home.  Death has been a part of Comfort’s life for as long as she can remember.  Since she has attended 247 funerals, she can tell you who brings the best casseroles, who to sit with and who to stay away from.  At the top of Comfort’s stay-away-from list is her obnoxious, whiny cousin, Peach Shuggars, who ruins everything.

Now, with the funeral looming close, all Comfort wants to do is hide in her closet with funeral dog extraordinaire Dismay.  When I read this 247-page book last summer, I laughed, I cried, and I learned that it does not matter how you die, it is how you live that is important.  I recommend this book for ages ten to ninety, for boys and girls alike.


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