By: Delana S

Do you have a child who is struggling in reading or spelling? Are phonics difficult? My child has been struggling in this area, so I recently bought her a dvd called Rock-n-Learn Phonics. She has only been viewing it for a few weeks and has improved greatly in her ability to retain what she is learning in the area of phonics and spelling. The program includes many portions with a talking mouth which I think has helped my daughter to focus on how the sounds are made. used to have a Volume 1 and 2 combo for $19.99, but individual sellers through Amazon are now offering it for $29. The Rock ‘N Learn company recently revised the video adding extras to Volume 1 and are now selling it separately from volume 2.  Each volume is over an hour in length and can easily be broken up into 20 minute learning segments. It is really a bargain for what you are getting.

This company also makes dozens of other Rock ‘N Learn DVDs and CDs. I also purchased the Rock’N Learn Addition and Subtraction DVD. If your child isn’t crazy about flash cards but really needs the repetition, you might consider buying this. It covers addition and subtraction facts up to 18. This series uses a combination of real people and computer images. The lead singer is now lovingly called “my teacher” by my daughter.

Sometimes we sit and snuggle during the lessons (saying the words or facts with the teacher–or before). Other times, my daughter likes to jump and dance around the living room as she is Rockin’ and learnin’. This is definitely a cool way for a kinesthetic learner to learn….or receive extra practice in learning.

My daughter has a fascination with Spanish. Unfortunately, she is an English as a Second Language Learner and is still trying to get English down; otherwise, I’d buy her the Rock ‘N Learn Spanish. Maybe next year….

The Rock ‘N Learn website includes YouTube links to view their products before you buy.  Check it out!

Rock ‘N Learn also has free phonics worksheets to go with Volume 1 and 2. They are downloadable here:

For Phonics Lesson Extensions click here.

For Rock ‘N Learn free Math worksheets click here.

For free online Rock ‘N Learn games click here.

For Rock ‘N Learn test-taking strategies click here.

You can also rent their full length videos on YouTube to watch for a 7 day period…click here.