November Holidays and Activities


November 2 – Daniel Boone born, 1734

November 3 – Robert Louis Stevenson born, 1850 (Treasure Island unit study.)

November 11 – Veteran’s Day

National Children’s Book Week, third week

November 16, 1952 – Lucy first holds a football for Charlie Brown in the Peanuts cartoon strip.

November 17—National Adoption Day (Events in Texas, click here); Or, choose your state for events.

Thanksgiving Day, last Thursday (activities & lessons);

Lincoln Proclamation

Some of these ideas come from:

Thanksgiving Blessing Tree

I ran across this idea. Thought you might want to use it:

Make a tree out of construction paper and hang it on the wall. Every day put leaves on it with things you are thankful for. By Thanksgiving you should have it completely filled and running over. Just a way to help the kids and grownups to remember what God has done for them. You can make your leaves out of colored construction paper like fall leaves.  Or, trace your child’s hand on different colors of construction paper.  Hang each “leaf” upside down on the tree.  Curl the fingers slightly by rolling up over a pencil.  Write the thankful statement on the palm of the hand.

Note: I posted the above idea in 2009, but this year I found another wordpress blog with a similar idea. Check it out:

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