Links to Free Books to Assist in the Learning of Phonics: Especially for Older Children and Adults


This site offers worksheets and games for the adult ESL student. A companion site offers phonics flashcards and language, phonicsprintables for children:


This is an adult approach to learning phonics using the book of Romans. It starts basic but speeds up rapidly. I have previewed parts of the lessons. You must download Quick Time in order to hear each lesson.


This site is intended for children up to 10 years old and includes beginner, intermediate, and advanced phonics. Free readers. You must register in order to read the books. Required: user name, email address, password.


Free online books in three categories: young children, older children, and young adults. Does not require registration. Sister site includes phonics instruction:


Online children’s Bible stories with activities and crafts.


More children’s Bible stories.


An adult aid in understanding English phonetics.


This site offers news stories that you can listen to and read along with. An awesome resource for the adult or older student who is learning to master reading.


Easy readers for Adult ESL Beginners (also great for older children). 200 Free stories. These stories come with audio if you want to listen and read along.


200 more free stories for adult and older children beginning readers. These also come with audio.


200 free stories for Low Intermediate ESL learners, complete with audio.


100 free stories for Low Intermediate ESL learners.


Scroll down to “Short Stories for Intermediate English.” These include words and audio.


Free printable mini books.


This site offers links to libraries and lists of books for sale for reluctant readers and older children/adults learning to read.


This is a high-frequency word list for teaching adult beginning readers to read the Bible.

Disclaimer: While I have previewed the above sites, I have not read every book nor even previewed more than a couple. I recommend that you read any story prior to having your student read it to ensure that the content is both appropriate and according to your tastes. Additionally, from time to time websites change from free to for pay, and/or a link goes bad. Please leave a comment if such occurs. Providing links to these sites is not an endorsement for the material on the sites, however, it is to ease your search for sites that promote literacy for no charge. One of the links is actually to a site that lists libraries and phonics readers that are for sale (it is labeled as such).


Also, see this reader’s review on this blog:



Phonics Readers and Resources for the Younger Reader

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