Two Great Educational Links

Today my 8 year old daughter and I were playing around on the computer together. I was feeling under the weather, so I was supervising her playing some educational games. Since I had to cancel her OT appointment, I thought I would search the Internet for activities she could do online to develop her visual perception. I came across a fantastic link that she and I both had fun exploring.  It is called: Eye Can Learn .  It provides learning exercises for perception (visual discrimination, closure, figure ground, memory, and form constancy), tracking, focusing, and   eye teaming.

The other site we explored together is called Learning Games for Kids. This site has free games, puzzles, and movies on a variety of subjects and topics. She played some of the math, keyboarding, and art games, and then we explored the “animal games” tab. Under this tab were games plus a collection of YouTube video shorts about a whole host of different animals. We really enjoyed the lion one and the orangutan one, but had to shut off the creepy crawling one before it finished!


–Delana S


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