Suggestions for Improving Visual Information Processing Skills

By: Delana H Stewart

A couple of days ago, I recommended a fantastic site for visual perception exercises:  I want to tell you about some other things that an OT recommended for our daughter (especially for figure ground or visual closure issues).  I spy books like Scholastic’s “I Spy Ultimate Challenger!—a book of picture riddles,” and also, “Where’s Waldo” or “Where’s Wally” books are excellent activities. Interestingly, another therapy exercise (which was likely missed out on by our daughter as a preschooler—prior to adoption) is completing dot to dots with numbers and letters. This helps with the visual closure issue. First, your child tries to guess what the picture is going to be. Then, the child begins to connect the dots, and you ask the child to tell you what it is as soon as she knows. See if she can figure it out before completing all the dots.

I also discovered that Legos will work similarly to a pegboard. I chose 5 or 6 colors of Lego squares (4 dots). My daughter and I each took a green building platform. I made a pattern on my sheet and asked my daughter to copy the pattern by placing the same colored pieces on hers. I did not let her see me putting it together, just the finished product. She had fun then making a pattern for me to copy.  It is important for the child to copy spaces correctly, too. For example, red, red, space, blue, blue, black, space.

Here are some other helpful links I have found:

This site under Mathematics has some printable pegboard sheets and some visual discrimination pages:

This is a fantastic site:

Have a teacher or parent create a simple pattern and have the student copy the pattern on the same page. Lite Brite online!

Here are some manipulatives to help with vision therapy:–Affordable-Little-LMID-1023/dp/B001HOGFMK/ref=sr_1_18?s=toys-and-games&ie=UTF8&qid=1291270661&sr=1-18

You may also be interested in another article on The Education Cafe regarding visual-spatial learners.


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