The Way They Learn by Cynthia Tobias

By:Delana H. Stewart

One of my all time favorite education books that I recommend to teachers and parents is The Way They Learn by Cynthia Tobias. This book takes a look at learning styles and ways to teach so that kids can learn. I had an opportunity to hear a lecture on learning styles given by Cynthia Tobias. It has been awhile since I read her book, so I’m not sure if these quotes are also in her book, but it will give you some insight into the author and what she has to share with her readers. In her lecture she states:

“The things people are being hired for today are what they got in trouble for in school–good social interaction, high energy level, and independent thinking skills.” She mentioned that these things in particular are not being encouraged in the school system. She also said that in school we tend to focus on a child’s weaknesses (diagnosing, assessing, and trying to fix) rather than on a child’s strengths (shaping, equipping, guiding).

She also said, “We should be less concerned with how messy and inconvenient it gets and more concerned with who we are targeting and what we’re trying to accomplish.”

The Way They Learn is available from for less than $10. There are also many other great reviews of this book on the Amazon site. Cynthia Tobias is also the author of the book Every Child Can Succeed.
Here is a link to Cynthia Tobias’ website:

On this site she offers seminars and information on other books as well.


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