Blow-up or Burn-out: Virtual Science Field Trips

–Delana H. Stewart

I noticed that someone had searched The Education Cafe for a virtual field trip for electricity and magnetism.  Knowing that they did not get what they came for motivated me to do a little research. After searching dozens of links that led to dead ends (as in bad links) or to sites that required logins or to sites that were not kid-friendly (parent or teacher friendly either), I finally found some winners!

Here are some great, kid-friendly science sites that will not frustrate the parents or teachers. Most are highly interactive; many include video or podcast components. Check them out!

My personal favorite is: The Naked Scientists They include articles, experiments, videos, and podcasts.

Kinetic City is a colorful, interactive collection of games, activities, science experiments and challenges.

Try Science is available in 9 languages! It includes field trips, adventures, and experiments. It also offers special information for parents and teachers.

Energy Quest is colorful, interactive, informative.

The Miami Museum of Science presents The Atoms Family which offers interesting material for older elementary through high school.

Bill Nye the Science Guy videos and more.

Science Homework Center

National Geographic Science page

If you try out one of the above links, let The Education Cafe readers know your thoughts about it by clicking on the “Leave a Comment” button below.  Thanks!

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