College Essays and Apps

college application(excerpted from Preparing for College)

  1. Good writing is writing that is easily understood.
  2. Avoid the overuse of adjectives, adverbs, big words (don’t abuse the thesaurus), the word “however,” and exclamation points!!
  3. Buy and read The Elements of Style, by William Strunk, Jr. and E.B. White.
  4. Have one good writer critique your essay and another proofread it.
  5. Stick to the length that is requested.

Topic Selection (or getting your point across on a pre-assigned topic):

  1. Do not repeat information from other parts of your application.
  2. Avoid generalities.
  3. Maintain the proper tone.
  4. Write about something you really care about.

Avoid the following topics:

  1. Your relationship with your girlfriend or boyfriend.
  2. Your religious beliefs and/or political views.
  3. Drugs, sex and alcohol.
  4. The importance of a college education.
  5. Trendy issues like abortion or current events.


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