Parents of Online Students Beware!

Delana Sonline school

One of my sons, who shall remain nameless, just confessed on Facebook what really happened while he was doing online school. Or, perhaps, it was a confession as to why his school day lasted until Midnight and he still was not done. While Online Schooling can be an excellent venue for some students and some families for some periods of time, parents really should beware of the temptations faced by their students as they attempt to get an assignment downloaded, completed, and uploaded. To view the hysterical comic he posted on Facebook about the day in the life of an online student, click here.


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3 thoughts on “Parents of Online Students Beware!

  1. I’m guilty of this too, we probably all are. The internet offers this limitless source of entertainment and we are also supposed to use it for work. That’s like having a clown do your taxes and- supposed to focus while he’s juggling and scaring your little sister and all of the other great things that clowns do.

    It’s hard to focus with all of that sweet stuff happening.

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