Kindergarten through Second Grade Readers

I have some great news for those of you who would like some leveled reading materials for your kids! Those of you who liked the phonics story sheets that I posted on this site will especially be interested, but even those with older kids. Yesterday, I stumbled onto a site that provides story sheets with clip art. The stories were written by a special needs’ teacher and the site is: No login is required. Simply go to the site, find the story you would like and print. There are varieties that were developed specifically for boys and some specifically for girls.

I decided to put a collection of these in a binder for my daughter. The goal is for her to read a story, then write a sentence about the story and another sentence telling why she likes or doesn’t like the story. Then she may illustrate it or cut a picture from a magazine that goes with the story. The initial stories are only one page in length (and large print), but the more advanced ones are three pages.

Hope you enjoy this great find!

Delana S

Single Page Kindergarten Stories

Single Page First Grade Stories

Advanced Beginning Reader Stories Flesch-Kinkaid levels 1-4

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