Is the Internet Replacing Mom?

–Delana S

Growing up before the Internet, I remember that children thought their parents knew everything. Need help with homework? No problem, “Mom!!!” Scraped your knee? “Mom!!!!” Need advice on how to get a boy to like you? “Mommy…”

My daughter, however, is growing up in the Internet age. One day when she learned that the house we were going to be living in did not allow dogs, she asked if she could have a pet hamster. I said, “I don’t know if there are any rules against that.”

She said, “Mom, just look up” She was certain it would provide the answer.

Today, she got stung by a big, bad black desert ant (the kind that sent her big brother into breathing distress just a few months ago). Her solution? “Mom, look up”

When I was growing up, kids thought Mom and Dad knew EVERYTHING until they reached their teen years at which point in time Mom and Dad knew NOTHING and the teen knew everything.

When I was growing up, Mom (and teachers, too) said: “What do I look like, a walking dictionary?”

I can’t even be a walking dictionary, now…the Internet has replaced me! Hmmm…if the Internet could only do dishes and clean toilets…


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