A Review of Landry Academy

By: MV

A few years ago one of our sons took Sports Physiology and the other took Forensic Science from Landry Academy. My main goal in this was for them to have a closer look at areas of study that they were interested in before they went to college and decided that they did not like them. We were very pleased with both classes.

Our oldest son is majoring in Kinesiology now, and I think the class really helped him have a better understanding of his field. I knew that the Physiology portion of a Kinesiology curriculum was not going to be his favorite, but the class allowed him and us to see that although it was not his favorite study matter–he learned a lot, and did not hate to have do the class. The more he learned the more he actually enjoyed it. It was an affirmation to him that it was the area that he wanted to study.

The Forensic Science class was also very good. Our son learned a lot about Forensic science in the class, and spent a lot of time learning bones and bone markings, which is one of the foundations to forensic research. Both of the classes had some science lab work in them also including blood typing lab which they would not have otherwise.

We have not used any of the more core curriculum classes, because we are in the ABeka DVD program and have a full schedule with those; and, Abeka covers that core material well. At the time that our sons took the classes they were not accredited but offered an independent evaluation report of the course work. I have not reread their credentials recently, and this year Landry Academy has added many classes in different fields, and this may have changed. During our older son’s senior year he participated in the ABeka accredited program, and they accepted the Sports Physiology class as a part of his transcript. He actually has a diploma from ABeka Academy. In the classes, they are required to keep logs of their work and when it is completed it is turned in as a part of their grade. This is to ensure that the students are meeting deadlines and doing work on a schedule. This helps homeschooled children be better prepared for college or a work environment.

Administrator note: If you want more information on Landry Academy, read this article by Greg Landry and follow the links at the bottom of the article or click on the logo at the right to go directly to their site:



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