32 Reasons to Send Your Child to Local National School


 (Whose kids attended National school for four years, then four years of home school, and now attend an international school)

1.  Your child will receive the life-long gift of speaking another language.  No other schooling option produces fluent speakers like the children who attend national schools.  Starting a child at National school in the early grades affords him the privilege of learning language at his most receptive time in his life.

2.  Children in every country, just like adults, play and interact differently.  Your child will learn how to play with kids in his host culture.

3.  Your child will have the treasure of local friends and enjoy the after-school invitations to soccer games and birthday parties.

4.  Your child will have the opportunity to learn to like foreign foods.

5.  Your child will feel like he is part of the country and not like an outsider.

6.  Your family schedule will follow the rhythm of the school year and national holidays just like your neighbors.

7.  Your family will feel more a part of the community.

8.  You will enjoy the easy answer to the question, “Where does your child go to school?”

9.  Your child will learn the local national anthem and probably learn national folk dances.  He will also learn National history.

10. In some cities/countries, local schools meet for only five hours each day.  This allows a lot of time for other activities, including an hour or two of supplemental teaching in English as needed.  Some schools may even allow your kids to miss a day each week to stay home for English instruction.

11. In some national public schools, the students stay together from first grade through fifth grade with the same teacher.  The students become very close to each other, and the teacher knows each student well.

12. If your child attends a local school, there may be no commute.  You and he can get exercise by walking to school.

13. Your child may be a year ahead of his American peers in areas of that country’s strengths. For example, in Turkey, Math skills are very strong.

14. In many countries, your child will learn how to memorize large amounts of material and will have lots and lots of practice in handwriting.

16. Your learning of the local language will improve drastically as you help with homework or hire a tutor to help you help your child with homework.  You will have plenty of interaction with other parents and the teacher.

17. Students who attended National school have done well at adjusting to home school or international school situations when their time at National school was finished.  There are examples of students scoring well on American academic tests even while attending a National school.

18. You do not have to worry about what the child will wear each day or wash clothes as often since many schools require uniforms.

19. In most cases, you will save a lot of money compared to home schooling and international school.

20. You will have more free time while the child is at school.

21. You can always try having your child attend for one semester (or even one month) to see how it goes.  It is generally easier for a child to go from national school to homeschool or an international school (if that is an option) rather than the other way around.  Start first with the national school.

22. You won’t have to live with the regret that you did not at least try to have your child go to National school.

23. Your child will have the opportunity to go on field trips to museums and to the theater and go on class picnics.

24. Your child will be blessed by the generous hospitality of his classmates.  In addition, in some countries, National kids of the same gender are quite affectionate with each other, which nicely balances out the rough play on the playground.

25. Your local brothers and sisters in the faith normally have no or little choice where to send their children to school.  Your relationships with local brothers and sisters will be enhanced by the fact that you are “in the same boat.”

26. You will have the flexibility to live anywhere in the country because you are not dependent on an international school in a large city to meet your educational needs.

27. Your child will see how families from the local religion interact and appreciate his Christian heritage.

28. Your child will have opportunities to talk about his faith.

29. Your child will have lessons in dependence on the Holy Spirit for self-control and the power to forgive those who hurt him.

30. You will have lessons in loving your neighbor.

31. You will make friends and have opportunities to share the Source of all Love with other parents, students, and teachers at the school.

32. Your child will have rich, lifelong memories and stories to share of his time at National school.



3 thoughts on “32 Reasons to Send Your Child to Local National School

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    • this is an option we have thrown on the table recently…thanks, MH, for compiling this list of advantages! you are spurring me on.

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