Having a Relaxed Home school and 9 other Tips

Homeschooling Tip of the Month

RELAX: “School-at-home” is an image that needs to be ditched, in favor of “homeschooling.” Rid yourself of the idea that having school means sitting at a desk in a stuffy room, taking notes for six hours a day while Mom lectures endlessly about history, biology, algebra, and French.

When you homeschool, the emphasis is on “home.” Sitting on the sofa while you do math problems, studying insect life under a dead log in the back yard, asking questions in the car on the way to the library, reading Western biographies instead of dry history textbooks, and writing papers about the novels of Agatha Christie or the Titanic or motorcycles, instead of “What I Did Last Summer.” It is also playing with your brothers and sisters at recess, and wearing what you like to wear, not what the group says is “in style.”—Excerpted from “10 good tips for Homeschooling your children,” by Mary Jo Bratton:


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