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Delana S

I grew up with School House Rock and am thrilled that many of those great educational video songs are still available for kids growing up today. But, as you faithfully teach your children about nouns, verbs, adverbs, and adjectives, don’t forget the importance of helping them become proficient in the technology-sense required of today’s generation. Start a family blog and help your kids learn about blogging. Blogging can be a useful incentive for posting and illustrating their book reviews (so much better than the traditional book report) as well as helpful to other kids who may be interested in reading the same book. Blogging can be a great way to keep the grandparents up-to-date as well as an encouragement to keep your kids writing!

Blogging with WordPress has been a fun and easy experience for me, and my husband and sons can tell you I am NOT a computer geek. As a tribute to one of my favorite School House Rock songs (and to encourage your family to start a blog) I’ve re-written the adverb song to keep up with the times.

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You’re going to need it, if you write or read, or even think about it.

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Anything you need, WordPress can make it absolutely clear!

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Father, son and Lolly starting free blogs here.

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Slowly, surely, really, learn skills for blogging here!


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2 thoughts on “School House Blog

    • Most definitely! We make it a practice in our home that any computer in the house (including a parent’s computer) is in a public space. Any computer that a child has access to should be password protected by the parent, where a parent has to log the child on to the computer and stays in the area to guide the child. Any blogging done by a child should only be done on a parent’s account so that all posts are approved by the parent first (and so that the child can learn safe practices for blogging). It is our opinion that a teenager’s computer should also be in a public space. A teenager’s social media account (like Facebook) should be accessible by the parent as long as the teenager is living at home. Be safe and stay aware of what your kids are doing online…and who has access to your kids! And, yes, there is a lot of content out there on blogs and on the web in general that is not appropriate, healthy, or safe for children. Thanks for your comments! Here is a link to some blogging safeguards:

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