Nine Year Pregnancy

For two years now many of you have visited The Education Cafe to find answers and ask questions regarding education–both home school and traditional school, as well as to find timely advice regarding parenting. As creator and administrator of this blog, I would like to personally invite you to check out my latest endeavor. I have been writing a book that is in the production phase with CrossBooks Christian Publishing Company, a a slow climb, climbing, staircase, castle, stone wall, hiking, Germany, Nine Year Pregnancy, author, Delana Stewart, adoption, journeydivision of LifeWay. The book, Nine Year Pregnancy: Waiting on God–Our Journey of Adoption, would be helpful to anyone in the adoption process, as well as dealing with issues that arise in the early years (particular issues surrounding attachment, grief and bonding).

But, this book is not just for and about adoption! It is the journey of having a dream, experiencing death of that vision and seeing God fulfill it in His time. If you are waiting on God to answer a prayer or feel like God will never answer your prayer—for a child, for a mate, for some other need or desire or dream—then this book will show you how our family trusted God to walk with us through the dark, scary, unknown valleys as we waited on Him. If you are trying to get pregnant or have experienced a miscarriage, then this book may give you hope and encourage you to hang on.

The book will hopefully be available by spring 2012. Interested? Click on the link below and subscribe to the book’s blog to stay informed and to receive sneak previews.




4 thoughts on “Nine Year Pregnancy

    • I hope so! I like what Kelly said about it giving advice to those in “the waiting lounges of adoption.”
      I also hope that it guides potential adoptive parents to making wise decisions regarding baby v. older child and domestic v. international. Parents need to go into the decision fully aware of the challenges they will face along the way.

      Additionally, I think that any one who is going through any kind of waiting on God journey — waiting to see an answer to prayer regarding anything (not just adoption)–will be encouraged. We are such the product of a microwave society where we expect everything to happen quickly, and if it doesn’t we give up. I hope this book will encourage many to persevere!

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