More than Flash

Delana H Stewart

Recently, I had the opportunity to try out ChildUp Early Learning Game Cards. My daughter and I sat down with Teach Your Child to Count to 10 and Teach Your Child to Count to 20. Yes, she already knows how to count, but I needed a child’s mind to assist me in reviewing this product. Additionally, having been an orphan adopted as a 6 year old, our daughter missed out on a lot of early learning. She found these colorful cards of animals to be interesting, and I hope that they will assist us as we fill in gaps in her learning.

When I opened up each set, I fully expected them to be traditional flash cards. In reality they are so much more than flash cards. They were not even designed to be used as we would use flash cards. Each set includes the cards needed for teaching counting, but also instructional cards for teaching logic, zoology, quantity, addition, subtraction, categorization, size, and differences.

Each set of early learning cards also contains cards that educate parents on the development of children’s literacy skills. They provide research and examples showing the different benefits a child gains from working with each parent. Earlier this year I wrote an article based on the book Teaching with the Brain in Mind. That book provided some great insights into the importance of paying close attention to the input our children receive from sights, sounds, and food. Some of the instructional cards in the ChildUp Early Learning packs also teach parents needed information about brain development. For instance, one card mentions that “a baby’s brain is only 25 percent developed at birth, and after three years, it reaches 80 percent of its capacity.” That means that one of the most critical time periods in our children’s lives occurs in their first three years.

Though we are not blank slates at birth, much of who we become and what jobs we can do when we grow up depends upon the input we receive before we are five years old. The music, language, math logic we are exposed to as toddlers does impact our abilities later in life.  Another instructional card concludes with this strong statement: “At birth, all children are “gifted” for nothing in particular; they are gifted for everything.”

Make the most of your time with your children! Turn off the TV more often and engage your child in play, in music, in learning, in life.


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2 thoughts on “More than Flash

  1. Thank you for this review. I really appreciate your closing paragraphs! We have a no TV rule in our house and have received a great deal of push back for it. I think that engaging your child is so beneficial to their growth (social and cognitive) and it is missed by watching TV or iPad games.

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