Connected or Distracted?

As a Christian parent or educator do you find yourself struggling to stay connected to God? Do you have a child with disabilities and find days you need encouragement and hope? Struggling with unanswered prayer? My friend Kathryn W sent the following book review that might just be what you need to read in 2012.

A Praying Life: Connecting with God in a Distracting World

By Paul E. Miller

Foreword by David Powlison

Copyright 2009; NAVPRESS

Review by: Kathryn W

Let me begin by saying that this book was given to me by an 80 year old friend.  I only began reading it, because I knew she’d ask me what I thought, and I wanted to answer truthfully.  I saw the title and thought “Another book on how to pray.”  As often happens, I still have so much to learn…so much that I need to be reminded of.  The Father’s timing is always perfect.

The author, Paul Miller, shares from his own experiences in his life.  He tells several stories from his role as a parent.  He and his wife have six children, one of whom is an autistic daughter.  He has lived through tough times, like all of us, and is authentic.

The book is divided into three parts:

1. Learning to Pray Like a Child

Coming to Jesus like little children, just as we are…crying out in our need.

2. Learning to Trust Again

A considerable amount of the text is spent on cynicism; defining it and describing how it can so easily creep into our lives…defeated weariness leading to a critical spirit and cynicism.  Miller follows this up with how to  “Follow Jesus Out of Cynicism” through a childlike spirit that has learned to hope again…a grateful heart that has “Developed an Eye for Jesus”.

3. Learning to Ask Your Father

Part three begins with insight into the story the Father is weaving through the events in our lives, including what seem like unanswered prayers.  He encourages us to hope again.  Along with this, Miller gives some practical tips for organizing a prayer card file and beginning a prayer journal.  He also encourages using Scripture to pray for others.

Reflections:  This book has had an impact on me.  It has helped me focus on trusting the Father and discovering hope in difficult times.  It’s given me a renewed focus on prayer.  The section on cynicism was something that I took notes on…I see it a lot.  I’ve dealt with it myself.  Lots of wisdom shared here.  This book was worth the time invested in it.  The gift from my friend was truly a gift…


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