Snapshots of a VSL #1

Snapshots of a VSL #1

By: Delana H Stewart

Rather than wait until I complete Dr. Linda Silverman’s book Upside-Down Brilliance: The Visual-Spatial Learner in order to write a review, I want to offer snapshots of my journey along the way.

This fifteen chapter, 400-page- book first released in 2002 is something I heard about a year ago and have been awaiting its re-release. There are many websites with information about visual-spatial learners, but this book and its author provide a detailed history based on research gleaned over a 20-year period of time.

In the introduction, Dr. Silverman provides an 18-question quiz to see if you or your student or child is a visual-spatial learner (VSL). This quiz can be found online:

From her own introduction, she has written this book for “parents and teachers, for visual-spatial learners of all ages, for people who live with artists, musicians, inventors, and computer junkies…”

Up until recently, giftedness or high intelligence was defined or measured based on success in reading, writing, and arithmetic in a very left-hemispheric view. Dr. Silverman’s book is about right-hemispheric brilliance and giftedness of those who think outside the box.

The fifteen chapters cover topics, such as: visual-spatials vs. auditory-sequentials, being a non-sequential learner, engaging the right hemisphere, underachievement, ear infections, auditory processing, dyslexia, ADHD, memorization, organization, early and late bloomers, early signs of VSLs, assessing abilities, introversion, home remedies for ADHD, parenting VSLs, teaching techniques to reach visual-spatial learners, handwriting, and much more.

In the first chapter, Dr. Silverman expresses that the spatial child with “sequential deficits . . . lives in the moment and . . . may lack the ability to see the consequences” of a particular behavior. However, rather than focusing on the weaknesses (cannot plan ahead, cannot delay gratification, disorganized), Silverman stresses the importance of focusing on the strengths (losing self in the joy of the moment, use of imagination in play, contagious sense of humor, keenly observant, memory for detail).

Check out Dr. Silverman’s quiz for visual-spatial learners. If you are a VSL, a teacher of a VSL, or a parent of a VSL, then I highly recommendJenga ordering her book Upside-Down Brilliance: The Visual-Spatial Learner.

Check back here later for more snapshots.

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12 thoughts on “Snapshots of a VSL #1

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  6. Great review! Thanks! The quiz was good, and I’m definitely going to have to take a look at that book. I checked Amazon and BN and the list price was quite high…going to see if my library can get it for me. 🙂

    Thanks again!

    Homeschooling and helping my visual-spatial learner have fun with school and feel better about himself, one day at a time.

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