Comparing Math Curricula

By: MM

These are home-school math curricula my family has had experience with:

 The Teaching Text Books – Comes with a book, tests, and video instruction. I like their Precalculus course. I have not seen any of their other curriculum.

Singapore Math,

This a good challenging program sold by Sonlight, but it can be very “hard” for the non-math oriented. We were using their books at the international school for several years and we switched to a set of textbooks more in line with the Cambridge IGCSE exam. We still have the Singapore books and pull challenge questions out of them. From our research it is a better program if your teachers are trained in how to use it and if they have supplemental classroom materials. If a student excels at Math, this could be a good challenging curriculum. Make sure to order answer keys and solutions keys if available.

 Saxon – is designed for the non-math teaching parent. It has a lot of repetition built in which can help students who aren’t as strong in Math. Their Precalculus seems to be lacking in some concepts needed in a modern high school program. (note: Kids today need to be able to use the TI-83 or -84 graphing calculator. in fact they can use it on the SAT and ACT college entrance tests.) Some Math teachers I know don’t really like Saxon Math, but I wouldn’t write it off completely. It is probably not the best program if your child excels at Math.

Bob Jones – Our family used their Algebra I course with our 8th grade son and it is a very solid Algebra I course. I have let adults borrow it to help prepare for the GRE, just to review some basic Algebra. I still pull some problems out of it to use at IGA in the high school classes. I believe you can order instructional videos to go with the material.

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