Monkey See, Monkey Do

“I saw my dad do exercises every morning when I was growing up.  What do I do for 20 minutes every morning?  Exercises.  I saw my momrope swing take her thrice weekly walks, and now I choose to walk two miles a day for school instead of taking a taxi.  I am thankful that my husband jogs every other day.  My kids see that and want to jog, too.”          –Mary H    

  Here are some ideas for helping your family become more fit:

1. In-home physical fitness routines: including jumping jacks, sit ups, tumbling

2. In home work out videos, such as Tae Bo, dance, or others.

3. Swimming

4. Working out in a local gym and swimming pool (or hotel/apartment fitness center)

5. Playing sports, such as Basketball, Baseball, Cricket, Soccer

6. Tree climbing, rope climbing, wall climbing, rock climbing

7. Children challenging their parents to a certain level of fitness improvement

8. Cycling and Hiking as a family

9. Jogging and Walking

10. Taking Tae Kwon Do or Karate lessons

11. Stair Climbing (as exercise)

12. Skating, “Scootering”

13. Working out with free weights (engage your kids in making their own weights)

14. Tennis, Badminton, Volleyball

15. Designate 1-2 times a week to gather at the park as a family (or families) for Frisbee, Basketball, etc.

CBD has fitness videos for kids and adults ranging in price from $7.99-18.99. also has a large variety ranging from $4.99 and up.

boy running, child running, child jogging, boy joggingHere are some additional fitness ideas:

Did you know that 5 minutes of stair climbing burns approximately 144 calories?

Standing burns 36 calories per hour.  (Forget the time-out chair…let’s go back to standing in a corner!—If it burns calories….just think of the extra excess energy it will burn on a three year old! 

Stop looking for the empty bus seat….just think about what the extra standing will do for you!

Great P.E. assignment:  Kids wash the car (or family washes the car). I actually read this on a fitness site.


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