FreEsources: Teaching the Word

What is FreEsources? That’s my word for Free E-Resources. Today I want to highlight some websites I have explored with free resources for teaching the Bible to children. Check these out! Let me know if there are other Free Resources on the web for teaching the Bible to children by commenting on this post. —Delana H. Stewart — U B David offers 131 Bible lessons for teenagers — U B David offers 79 Bible lessons for kids –Wycliffe offers Bible lessons, games, simulations, activities, crafts. — Bible study and children’s church lessons for preschoolers and elementary. — lessons and crafts— Bible study lessons, review activities and games, songs, trading card files, and teaching tips for primary and junior level church classes., skits, puppet skits, stories, object lessons — Bible lessons for teens and adults — Coloring lessons and videos. —  Calvary Curriculum offers resources such as Bible curriculum, trainings, encouragement, and other helpful materials.


Disclaimer: I have browsed these sites but have not done an in depth review of all the materials on each site. Please further research them yourself and compare everything to the Word of God. If you find something that you feel is inappropriate, please let me know.


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